Middle Years Programme

12 – 16 years

What is the Middle Years Programme?

A challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, the MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation.

About the programme

The MYP is designed for students aged 12 to 16. It provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement – essential qualities for young people who are becoming global leaders.

The MYP builds upon the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed in the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and prepares students to meet the academic challenges of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC).

Mälardalen International School (MISV) is in the process of becoming a candidate school within the International Baccalaureate Organization to deliver the Middle Years Programme since 2021. IB schools share a common philosophy and a commitment to a high quality education.

Age range:
12 – 16 years
Programme brochure:

International Baccalaureate (IB) framework

Middle Years Programme

MYP Program Model

The MYP is a challenging and interesting course of study. Students need:

  • to actively take responsibility for their learning
  • to work and cooperate closely with others
  • to explore new ways of understanding and inquiring into the world around them.

The MYP aims to do more than allow students to progress in different subject areas. It allows students to make connections to real-world experiences and actions within their communities as well as understand concepts and skills that can be applied and understood across subject areas. The ultimate aim of the MYP is to help students prepare for life.