STEAM Camp Summer 2023

In partnership with Hitachigymnasiet, Mälardalen International School is proud to offer a new way for your child to get excited about Science, Engineering, Technology, Arts, and Mathematics - STEAM!

Fun, interactive and engaging learning activites for kids

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) learning has become under-resourced in many of today’s public and private schools. This causes many children to never truly experience the benefits of learning these valuable and highly-transferrable skills.

STEAM Camp provides a bilingual learning opportunity for children ages 5 to 12  to experience interactive and fun opportunities that will ignite their curiosity and desire to learn. Each day, our campers will participate in relays, engineering challenges, art projects and lots of discovery-based learning!

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Our upcoming STEAM Camps:

No upcoming STEAM Camps at the moment.
A young boy is building a lego robot with a lot of focus.

What is STEAM Camp?

STEAM Camp gives kids an opportunity to experience and enjoy STEAM learning, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and curiosity. We believe STEAM learning should be engaging, exciting, and educational so children can develop important skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and teamwork.