3D Tour of The School

Come walk the MISV halls from a distance. We hope that no matter how far away you are you can feel a bit more connected and welcome to the school before you come here for your first visit.

We create high aspirations for future generations

Every child is a very special individual who needs a welcoming, warm, safe but also challenging environment in which to grow. A child’s natural curiosity to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the years to come. Mälardalen International School recognises the importance of the school years.  We know that it is vital that each child receives a high-quality education. Our students have the best opportunities to continue growing into creative, resilient, independent, flexible and socially adept young global citizens.

We teach for a better future.

An IB education at MISV aims to instill in all students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become better learners and better individuals. Our priority is for our students to grow and develop into fulfilled people with the power to create the future in which they want to live.